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You Can Make 
A Difference

 Thank you for supporting our 501c3. 

Restoring the Awe of God is a fellowship that believes in community support of prayer, time, talents, and resources. 

Our goal is to share the things of Our Creator in a way that restores the Awe of God into the hearts of those seeking to know Him better. 

We see a growing desire and passion in others to learn the Hebrew language for a better understanding of scripture.  We strive to meet that challenge. 

If your needs are being met through our ministry, please let your appreciation be reflected in your donation. We would like to say THANK YOU for supporting our ministry and being a part of the work we do, through your prayers and your donations.  

Donate using PayPal
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May we suggest a minimum of $10.00 for your donation to offset our fees?  Thank you for your support!

Donate by US mail. 

Send your donation to:

Restoring The Awe of God

1332 Knapp Street

Chetek, WI. 54728

Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties with making a donation.  Thank you  715-790-0000

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