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Mission Statement: Restoring the Awe of God and rediscovering the foundations of our faith through the study of the Hebrew language, culture, customs, and history.  And to live out our lives daily as our Master taught.

Meet The Leadership

Meet Ron Krout.  Head Pastor and President of Restoring The Awe of God.  Ron has more than 30 years of pastoral and leadership experience, and has grown to love the Hebrew foundations of our faith.  He is a kind and patient leader.  

Meet Theresa Krout.  Ron's wife since 2005.  Together they raised a blended family with 8 children and are expecting their llth grandchild in January of 2023. 

God has provided miracles of healings and insight that touched the heart of Theresa, to seek a serious relationship with her Creator.  Her passion and encouragement to keep seeking after God brings consistent hope in the lives of others.

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